Pretty Guardian Yarn Club: PERFECT PAIRS - 2021 Sailor Moon Monthly Yarn Club Sock Sets - PREORDER

Pretty Guardian Yarn Club: PERFECT PAIRS - 2021 Sailor Moon Monthly Yarn Club Sock Sets - PREORDER

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We are so excited to bring back the Pretty Guardian Yarn Club (our first club from 2016-2017), this time featuring Sock Sets inspired by duos from the show. Couples, friends, enemies - these duos could be from any era, season or iteration of the show and will be a mystery club (hopefully both hardcore fans and Sailor Moon newbies will be satisfied with our choices).

All sets will be dyed on either our Smooth or Boss Sock base with accompanying 20g mini skein. 

This club is available in 3 possible purchase options: monthly or in 3 month increments. The 3 month clubs can ship either monthly OR all at once. Please see SHIPPING DETAILS below for information on how we calculate shipping charges for monthly clubs. If you have other questions about our club(s) and shipment schedules, please see our FAQ page.

January -  Endymion & Serenity
February - Luna & Artemis
March - Zoisite & Kunzite
April - Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune
May - Chibi Usa & Helios
June - Ail & An


Smooth Sock
75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon 4-ply
465 yards/100 grams

Boss Sock
80% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon 2-ply
400 yards/100 grams


The one payment you will make covers the price of: 3 months of yarn (full skein + mini) and 2 future flat rate shipping charges. You will pay one shipping charge upon checkout for January’s skein. If you would prefer to receive your boxes all at once to save on shipping, please choose the “ALL AT ONCE” option under Shipping before checking out.

A NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL SUBSCRIBERS: Due to high shipping costs, please consider using the ALL AT ONCE option under Shipping. Hopefully this will save you a little money on shipping! Otherwise, you will be charged the flat rate of $15 per skein to ship.