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Hasty Post Protest & Voting Postcard Grab Bag - Postcards Plus Optional Stamps

Hasty Post Protest & Voting Postcard Grab Bag - Postcards Plus Optional Stamps

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Each Protest & Voting Postcard Grab Bag comes with cards promoting current issues such as human rights, voting rights, Black Lives Matter, etc. You can order these in increments of 5, up to 20 total.

We have are purchasing these in bulk to provide you with as many cards as you need to send to your senators/congresspeople, friends and family, etc. We will send these out as they arrive -- please do not contact us about your order status until a full week has elapsed. These are arriving from small vendors such as artists and designers who have to contend with the current USPS delays.

If you like, we can also include US Forever stamps with your order -- one for each card in the pack. If you want to send these cards outside the US, more postage will be required.

**Artists usually include their contact info/social media on the backs of their cards, but if not, please contact us at info@junkyarn.com and we can tell you where the card came from! In some cases, as with vintage or vintage reproduction cards, this info likely won't be known.**

**A quick word about language: the cards we choose MAY feature curse words, so if you plan to open your Grab Bag with a child, be aware that these cards are mainly aimed at adults.

Don't know your Representative or Senator's address? Click here to find out!